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About Jon Klekman: 

Jon Klekman moved from New York City to Austin in 2008 to experience a change of pace and scene. Without missing a beat, Jon found like minded musicians and artists in Austin who would lead him through a journey of discovery broadening his musical horizon from ska, punk, reggae roots to Jazz, Folk, Americana, Classical, Noise Rock and Hip Hop. Jon became a bandleader and helped to found: Dust Bowl Dreamers, Flemish Giant & also was a contributing member of The Clouds Are Ghosts. In 2015 Jon created the Jon Klekman Trio and Quartet as a vehicle to learn to play and explore the Jazz tradition with a hit the ground running approach. He placed himself side by side with Austin’s most talented Jazz players to grow musically in the quickest way possible. In 2016 Jon began to play acoustic bass and started the journey to incorporate this demanding and beautiful instrument into live sets. Through the natural evolution of performing Jazz for local small businesses and cultural institutions the group is now in demand all around town for both public, private and non-profit events. Jon is a bandleader, bass player, event planner, entrepreneur, dad and a connector of people.
Photo Credit: Raquel Davidowitz